Marion Cotillard may co-star with Brad Pitt in Robert Zemeckis' WWII romance

What would you say if I told you Robert Zemeckis was making a mash-up of CASABLANCA and MR. AND MRS. SMITH? If that sounds intriguing, then his next project may be right up your alley. Zemeckis' currently untitled World War II romance is shaping up to be an amalgam of those two projects. With Brad Pitt already set for the male lead, the film may have found it's leading lady in Marion Cotillard.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Cotillard is in talks to play the female lead opposite Pitt.

The movie will see Pitt and Cotillard as assassins who fall in love during a mission in Casablanca to kill a German ambassador.The duo marry, but domestic bliss is cut short when Pitt’s character, a French-Canadian, is informed his wife is a double agent working for the German government and he must kill her.

The script for the film comes from LOCKE writer/director Steve Knight and is expected to shoot at the beginning of next year. Pitt is shaping up to have a busy couple of years. He is currently filming THE BIG SHORT and has the recently announced Netflix produced WAR MACHINE as well as the sequel to WORLD WAR Z in development. Robert Zemeckisis returning to his non-motion captured roots with FLIGHT and the upcoming THE WALK and now this film. Hopefully this cast continues to build on these two great leads.



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