Mark Wahlberg rolls around the room in Transformers behind-the-scenes clip

Considering everything is done mostly with computers nowadays, it's nice to see some form of practical stunt work happening on the set of films. If you agree, then this new set video from TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT will give you comfort. The video was posted on the TRANSFORMERS Facebook page, and shows actors Mark Wahlberg and Laura Haddock rolling on a massive, circular rig, and then having to hang on it for dear life as it rotates. A gentleman working on the set emphasized the difficulty of the stunt, as they have to spend at least half the time upside down. Ah, movie magic!

Watch below!

Watching this my mind recalls the "making of" videos from INCEPTION, wherein numerous rotating set pieces were used to capture the visual magic. Lord knows what kind of environment they’re imitating in this video, because although the sliding down would indicate a building being toppled, the whole “spinning around” bit doesn’t fit with that. Unless, that is, a giant robot is picking up the building and bashing another robot with it. Considering it’s a Michael Bay movie I wouldn’t put it past them to think of something like that. Also, what the [email protected] is going on with Wahlberg’s hair? Do he and Bay go to the same barber now? Is he doing a Jim Morrison biopic after this?

Anyway, TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT rolls (heh) into theaters June 23, 2017 with Mark Wahlberg, Laura Haddock, Anthony Hopkins, John Goodman, Stanley Tucci and more.

Source: Facebook



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