Mark Wahlberg takes the Bait for Universal action-comedy

After trying his hand at unintentional comedy in M. Night Shyamalan's THE HAPPENING, Mark Wahlberg decided to give some actual comedy a try. He had THE OTHER GUYS last summer, is prepping to film the Seth MacFarlane comedy TED and now has another comedy styled movie on his to-do list. Universal bought the spec script BAIT AND SWITCH for Wahlberg to star in and co-produce.

The film would reunite Wahlberg with Universal and producer Scott Stuber who are working with the actor on TED. Details on the script are being kept under wraps, likely because Wahlberg will have the script tailored to his liking. All that is known about the project at this point is that it'll be an action-comedy and something will be baited and then, quite possible, switched.

Wahlberg has a busy schedule with both TED and CONTRABAND filming this year and a rumored role in UNCHARTED plus his talks of a sequel to THE FIGHTER.

So do you like Mark Wahlberg more as a serious actor, a la THE FIGHTER, or do you like him better when he's being funny? Or is an action-comedy really the perfect genre for him?

Source: Variety



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