Marvel & FX's Legion will continue to break your brain for a second season

With only 3 episodes left for the debut season of Marvel and FX's LEGION, I've been wondering to myself whether or not Noah Hawley's new and mind-blowing X-Men-related psychological thriller would continue beyond its initial 8-episode order. Well, it appears as if the powers that be have asked David to sort through my concerns, and then calm me with the news that yes, LEGION has been picked up for a second season!

That being said, there's no word as to when the show will return (or how many episodes we'll get), we just know for sure that it's happening. If I had to take a stab at it, and this is just my opinion as the official reviewer for the show here at JoBlo, the psychedelic adventures of David Haller and his mutant friends will likely premiere in the early months of 2018 - with an estimated 8 episodes or more. 

In speaking on the success of LEGION's debut season, FX's Eric Schrier stated, "The first season of LEGION was a stunning achievement. More than a new series, LEGION is a wholly original take on the super hero genre. Our thanks to Noah Hawley for taking the creative risks and shattering expectations. It’s a privilege to work again with Noah, his producing partners, the outstanding cast and our partners at Marvel Television on another season of LEGION." 

Marvel Television head honcho Jeph Loeb then offered his own remarks regarding the exciting news, "We are thrilled there will be a new season of LEGION. Noah’s spectacular take on David Haller and all the other characters he brought to life makes us ache for more. We’re particularly proud of our partners at FX and the success we share on our first TV series together."

Well, this is just about the best piece of news I've heard all day! I've been enjoying the living daylights out of LEGION, and could not be more thrilled that others are as well. For my money, LEGION has gone above and beyond my expectations for a comic book-related television program by presenting viewers with a truly unique visual and psychological feast for the senses. You can check out our reviews of the show starting with the first episode right here

In the meantime, be sure to get caught up on LEGION and then tune when the show airs on FX during Wednesdays at 10 pm

Extra Tidbit: The soundtrack to LEGION is positively amazing. It features artists like Radiohead, Feist, The Who, Jane's Addiction and more!
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