Marvel wants Vin Diesel? Let the speculation begin!

There are two people I expect to get superhero roles in the near future: one is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and the other is the one we are here to discuss, Vin Diesel.

We don't have any details except for what Diesel offered up in his latest Facebook post:

"P.s. Marvel has requested a meeting... no idea what for... haha, you probably know better than me..."

Do we??? I'm thinking possibly something for Phase Three since Phase Two is pretty much covered (not holding my breath). What is still up for grabs? I'm sure you guys can think of some role he would be good for whether it be villain or hero. Oddly, I'm drawing a blank right now. I try to think of logical possibilities and not anything that might be too obscure. Maybe someone for AVENGERS 3?

Would they give him a leading role? Or would he be a part of a team? THE INHUMANS? I'm asking too many questions here. I'll leave it open. Take a stab at it.

Source: Facebook



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