Matthew Modine and others cast in Dark Knight Rises

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES added three more roles this weekend, but they're not exactly household names and I predict you'll only recognize one.

That would be Matthew Modine, best known for his role as Pvt. Joker in Stanley Kubrick's FULL METAL JACKET. The other two are Tom Conti and 11 year old Joey King.

Obviously as this is a Nolan production, there is no word on their respective roles, but it is said that Modine is playing someone named "Nixon." Any Batman junkies know if that's referencing anything?

I think the big casting announcements for TDKR are over for the time being, and now we just have look forward to more teaser images, posters and trailers and such. I'm not holding out for any sort of "OMG David Tennant is the Riddler" announcements, as I'm sure the main cast is pretty set at this point.

Extra Tidbit: I resisted using the baiting "Joker in The Dark Knight Rises?" headline I've seen everywhere.
Source: Variety



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