Maze Runner director Wes Ball takes on Fall of Gods, an epic Norse fantasy

THE MAZE RUNNER franchise has already proven to be a winner for Fox, the first film was relatively cheap to produce and pulled in over $340 million worldwide. The studio seems keen to continue their relationship with MAZE RUNNER director Wes Ball as THR has reported that Fox has offered him the director's chair for FALL OF GODS, an epic adventure based on Norse mythology that began as a Kickstarter funded illustrated fantasy book.

Fox picked up the rights to "Fall of Gods" from Rasmus Berggreen of MOOD Studios; he, along with Michael Vogt, wrote the story from which FALL OF GODS will draw from. A variety of interesting looking concept art is available on their Kickstarter page, which sells a grand Norse fantasy adventure that could prove to be quite promising. In addition to directing the project, Ball will also serve as a producer on the film. It's very early days yet so no screenwriter has been attached, but I'm always game for a new Norse film.

A "Fall of Gods" synopsis via the books Kickstarter page:

Fall of Gods is an illustrated book inspired by Norse mythology, following Vali, a warrior haunted by his past, but who has found peace in the arms of a woman. For years he has lived far from society, tending to his farm and trying to forget the battles he fought…and the crimes he committed. But one day his love disappears, and he must set out to find her. He will once again have to face the creatures of Jotunheim and the powerful Aesir. Suddenly, the man he thought he had buried deep down inside has risen to the surface once more...and he comes seeking vengeance.

Wes Ball's next installment of THE MAZE RUNNER franchise, MAZE RUNNER: THE SCORCH TRIALS hits theaters on September 18, 2015.

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Source: THR



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