McFarlane says Spawn will be more supernatural thriller than superhero movie

Spawn Todd McFarlane

Spawn has never been a conventional comic-book hero, and the long-awaited SPAWN movie from creator Todd McFarlane will certainly continue that tradition. In fact, while speaking with AZCentral, McFarlane spoke about how production on the upcoming film is progressing and said that SPAWN will be more of a supernatural thriller rather than a superhero movie.

We just signed off on the script, and are going into budgeting. We're also having our casting meeting...It will be dark and heavy, serious, R-rated. It won't be a superhero movie. I don't think most people would categorize it as that. It will be a supernatural thriller, like a lot of good creep movies. The only thing in the movie that's fantastic is Spawn, and anything else is otherwise normal. 

Todd McFarlane once again confirmed that SPAWN will be R-rated and push the boundaries beyond what comic-book films such as DEADPOOL and LOGAN have done, saying, "We're talking trauma, true trauma, as serious as possible." It's still too early for McFarlane to reveal anything particularly juicy about SPAWN, but he did say that he's been comparing the project to JAWS. Do tell.

I like to explain that it's my "Jaws." Spawn doesn't say a word the entire movie, and it's the same way with "Jaws." It's about the sheriff and the people, chasing the ghost. That's it...The lead role isn’t Spawn, the lead role is a cop, like Sheriff Brody from "Jaws." I think we can hook a fairly significant actor that we want. Unlike a superhero movie, we wouldn't need an actor to put on prosthetic (makeup) or go to the gym. We just need him to act.

When compared to the first less than stellar attempt at bringing Spawn to life, it might be much more compelling for Spawn to take on more of a secondary role as a demonic force of nature in the reboot. As Todd McFarlane will be making his feature directorial debut on SPAWN, it would make sense if he were feeling a little nervous about finally bringing this project to life, but, he's not. "Intellectually should I be? Yes. Am I? No. I'm not 24. I'm in my 50s," McFarlane said. "I'll get good people surrounding me. I've had this idea in my brain for a decade, and I've directed it a thousand times and have clarity on what I want to do...And storyboard wise, I'm here and will draw it for you. If I can't see it, I can draw it."

Source: AZCentral



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