Mechanic: Resurrection trailer is pure Statham flick in all the right ways

mechanic: resurrection, jason statham, jessica alba

By now, you should know what you're going to get out of a Jason Statham movie... and you're either good with that or you're not. At some point, you know someone is going to mess with Statham - his friends, his family, his dog, etc. - and once he takes care of any necessary business at hand, he's then going to get pissed and seek revenge. MECHANIC: RESURRECTION is all that and then some.

The sequel to 2011's THE MECHANIC, which had Statham owning the role of Arthur Bishop in one of his more underrated flicks, also has Jessica Alba returning to a bikini (Welcome back!), Tommy Lee Jones with a soul patch and a guy being whooshed out of a glass-bottom infinity pool from a high altitude. What more could you possibly need when you remember the foundation of MECHANIC: RESURRECTION is Statham punching, kicking and shooting the shit out of others who probably deserve it? I'm sold. 

MECHANIC: RESURRECTION opens in theaters on August 26.

Source: Lionsgate



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