Meet Tom Cruise's bored stunt double in funny Mission: Impossible promo

In every MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movie Tom Cruise manages to pull off countless dangerous stunts, from everything to driving his own cars to hanging off the side of an airplane. Being his stunt double must be very, very boring work, with days spent wandering the lot and wondering when they'll need a stunt done when Cruise is taking a nap. In celebration of MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE – FALLOUT, Paramount partnered with Uber to create a funny short that explores the world of a Cruise stunt double, and now you can watch and feel for the man who is waiting for his call to action…should that day ever come.

The short pokes fun at the idea that being Cruise’s stunt double is basically pointless, as the actor seems to relish doing everything himself as a way of creating a realistic experience. This is the man who ran on the side of the tallest building in the world and who jumps out of a plane in the latest movie. On top of being a clever little short, the video acts to promote Uber and the fact they will be sponsoring the live stream of the movie’s world premiere a week from today on July 12.

I'm not the only one who wonders what Cruise's stunt double must do all day. Cruise is so bent on doing his own stunts the guy must just sit around all day and hang around craft services. I'm glad we have the answer to this question, and we now know what the face of hope looks like. I pray Cruise lets him get his shot at leaping from space for at least one take in MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 7.

MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT is in theaters July 27.



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