Tom Cruise thanks fans For Top Gun: Maverick success with an insane stunt

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Tom Cruise has had one hell of a year. Not only did Top Gun: Maverick mark itself as one of the biggest box office champs ever, but Tom Cruise has decided to pull off yet another wild stunt for the sake of entertaining fans–and thanking them for their continued support.

In a video posted to Twitter over the weekend, Tom Cruise is seen in a helicopter overlooking a gorgeous coast. “Here we are over stunning South Africa and we’re filming Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning parts one and two!” he says. “And I didn’t want the year to end without thanking you all for coming out to the theater–and thank you for supporting Top Gun: Maverick!”

And that point, director Christopher McQuarrie taps Cruise on the shoulder. McQuarrie checks his watch and says, “Hey, listen, we really gotta roll, we gotta get this shot!” And then Tom Cruise, ever the stunt man, jumps out of the helicopter!

From there–while free falling–Cruise again thanks his fans and pays tribute to the profession. “As always, thank you for allowing us to entertain you. It truly is the honor of a lifetime.” Then, Cruise says, “I’m running out of altitude so I better get back to work, we gotta get this shot.” Cruise concludes his video with, “You have a very safe and happy holiday! We’ll see you at the movies!” That’s assuming Cruise survives every crazy stunt he does until then…

Tom Cruise is famous for doing many of his own stunts. Some of his most famous have come from the Mission: Impossible franchise, like climbing a 2,000-foot cliff for II, scaling down from the 130th floor of a skyscraper for Ghost Protocol and clinging to a plane in Rogue Nation. Oh, and while we’re on the topic, Cruise is set to do a spacewalk for an upcoming Doug Liman movie. Director McQuarrie–who also helmed Rogue Nation and Fallout–has indicated that the stunts in the next two Mission: Impossible movies will be some of the most extreme in the franchise.

Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One is due out on July 14th, 2023, while Dead Reckoning Part Two is slated for June 28th, 2024.

What is your favorite Tom Cruise stunt from the Mission: Impossible franchise? What makes it stand out? Let us know below!

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