MGM gearing up to remake Patrick Swayze's Road House with director Rob Cohen

First it's a remake of IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and now ROAD HOUSE?? Is nothing sacred?

The ghost of Patrick Swayze is about to do some karate chops to the neck as MGM is prepping a remake of the 1989 classic from director Rowdy Herrington and starring Swayze, Sam Elliot, Ben Gazzara, and Kelly Lynch. Director Rob Cohen (THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS, xXx, DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY, ALEX CROSS) is being tapped to recreate the bar-cooling badassery that is Dalton (Swayze's character) vs. a group of redneck hooligans in the name of saving the Double Deuce.

Oh, boy, do I smell a bloodless, boobless, mullet-less PG-13 festival? Why yes. Yes, I do. I want to say I'm open-minded and willing to give it a shot and "be nice," but that's just not possible. ROAD HOUSE is a sacred old-school action flick, one of the absolute best, and it doesn't need a remake in any way. Perhaps, John Landis is right, eh?

No word on when this would shoot, although I'd wager to say that most folks would hope for "never."

Extra Tidbit: The moment when you realize both the protagonist (Patrick Swayze) and antagonist (Ben Gazzara) are both dead in real life.
Source: The Wrap



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