Michael Bay casts beautiful people Bar Paly and Tony Shalhoub in his meathead action-comedy Pain and Gain

Michael Bay, like any true red-blooded 'Merican, loves his beautiful, gorgeous models. So according to Variety, he's cast Israeli hottie Bar Paly (THE RUINS) in his upcoming Mark Walhberg/Dwayne Johnson action-comedy PAIN AND GAIN. Oh, and Tony Shalhoub (CARS 2) too. I'd jerk it to him, why not?

The film follows a pair of bodybuilders (Wahlberg and Johnson) that dabble in kidnapping, extortion, and murder on the side, and who find themselves mixed up in a scheme that goes terribly wrong. Paly is reportedly in final negotiations to play 'Sabina Petrescu', "an illegal immigrant and former beauty queen who dreams of becoming the next Marilyn Monroe." Shalhoub meanwhile will play 'Marc Schiller', Wahlberg's kidnapping target.

PAIN AND GAIN - armed with a taut $25 million budget and the likes of Anthony Mackie, Rob Corddry and Ed Harris - is looking to start production this April in Miami. Bay will then move on to yet another TRANSFORMERS because he f*cking can.

Extra Tidbit: Guys... I'll save you the trouble.
Source: Variety



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