Michael Sheen will play a robot in Sony's sci-fi romance Passengers

Sony's sci-fi romance flick PASSENGERS has been in development for quite some time but, after a series of setbacks, the project finally began moving forward last month. Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt will star in the film in which they'll play the only two conscious passengers on a cryogenic sleeper ship heading to a new colony; however the pair won't be totally alone as Variety is reporting that Michael Sheen has joined the cast as a robot who will travel alongside Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt.

Here's what PASSENGERS is all about:

PASSENGERS follows a man (Chris Pratt) who finds himself woken ninety years early from cryogenic sleep on board a colony ship partway through its decades long journey through space. Faced with the prospect of spending decades alone he decides to wake up another passenger (Jennifer Lawrence) which sparks a unique romance between the two.

PASSENGERS will be directed by Morten Tyldum (THE IMITATION GAME) from a script by Jon Spaihts and should begin shooting this September. Jon Spaihts' script found itself on the 2007 Black List where it attracted the attention of Keanu Reeves, who was at one point attached to both star in and produce the film alongside Rachel McAdams. The project eventually fell through but Spaihts' script for PASSENGERS led to Spaihts putting together the first draft for PROMETHEOUS.

You can currently see Michael Sheen on Showtime's Masters of Sex, which just kicked off its third season.

Source: Variety



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