Mind-reading website will guess your favorite movie character

So I saw this thing on the internet the other day, and now I can’t stop telling my friends about it. Now, that may sound like the intro to some sort of dietary supplement pill, but it’s not, it’s about a website called “The Akinator” which is engineered to be the world’s best 20 questions player. The database of this thing is just massive, and I can't imagine how much data entry work it took to get it this in-depth.

I said movies, and posted its Jake Sully guess to show you that it does recent films as well, but it really can guess anything from real people to TV to video games. Now, I know that all you film buffs out there are going to start scoffing that it didn’t guess Sammy Barnathan from SYNECDOCHE, NEW YORK, but any reasonable guess of leading or even pretty secondary characters it will get. Maybe all of you have heard of this thing before (it does say copyright 2007), but I thought it was pretty cool, and figured those who hadn’t used it would be interested to give it a try.

I’ve been stunned to see it get Paul Smecker (BOONDOCK SAINTS), Liara T’soni (MASS EFFECT), Dillon (PREDATOR), Jayne Cobb (SERENITY) and a whole host of others, as I’ve been currently trying to stump it for a solid while now.

Post below what you’re surprised it actually guessed, or what you managed to stump it with.

Extra Tidbit: It can get tricky if you’re trying to do someone like “Harvey Dent” who has been in movies, TV shows, video games and comics, is both good and bad, and sometimes and sometimes does not have a costume.
Source: Akinator



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