Moody and chilling trailer for A Single Shot, starring Sam Rockwell, William H. Macy, and Kelly Reilly

Based on the novel by Matthew F. Jones, A SINGLE SHOT is a dark and moody tale about the moral choices one has to make in the face of temptation, murder, and survival.  Starring Sam Rockwell as John Moon, a master hunter who knows how to poach game in-season and out, the story unfolds as a single shot fired in the woods changes the lives of many surrounding the consequences of the bullet, especially Moon. 

The film, directed by David M. Rosenthal, is set to debut at The Tribeca Film Festival, and today we have a look at the dark and moody trailer that features some intense and chilling footage to what looks to be a solid adaptation of the source material.  Rockwell is joined by castmembers William H. Macy, Jeffrey Wright, Ted Levine, Jason Isaacs, Melissa Leo, and the lovely Kelly Reilly, who was so outstanding in last year's FLIGHT. 

Take a look:

Here's the synopsis:

The tragic death of a beautiful young girl starts a tense and atmospheric game of cat and mouse between hunter John Moon and the hardened backwater criminals out for his blood.

This looks like a powerful pic and is officially on my radar. I really dig the set-up and visual punch, which looks like a down and dirty anxiety-ridden nail-biter.  We don't get enough of those.

A SINGLE SHOT will play at Tribeca this month with a release date to be announced.

Extra Tidbit: i get a "Winter's Bone" vibe from this trailer, which was another "backwoods" pic with a nice ensemble of "dirty" characters.
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