More TDK pics

At the current rate, by the time THE DARK KNIGHT is released on July 18, 2008, you’ll be able to watch the whole movie just by looking at the photos released online in chronological order. Nary a day goes by that some sort of BATMAN 6 promotional material doesn’t hit the net, and today is no different. This weekend, two new photos appeared, one of superhero and one of arch villain. The Batman picture is a good look at his revamped suit, which to me seems over complicated, too intricate for its own good. Does the chest plate really need to be divided into two halves like that?

It’s the second picture that really piques my interest. It’s said to be of the Joker, but the only thing that gives that away is the mask he’s holding. Could this be an image of him pre-transformation? It looks like it. I was uncertain whether or not this film would have a Joker origin story, but it looks like this picture could have answered that question. Check it out BELOW, and click on it to see The Dark Knight himself. Thanks to ‘bravenat’ for the heads up.

Extra Tidbit: In case you haven't heard, a DARK KNIGHT prologue will premiere in front of IMAX prints of I AM LEGEND on Dec. 14.



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