Movie Jail: This week's defendant is...Santa Claus!

Welcome to Movie Jail, a facility like any other, only its inmates are Hollywood writers, directors, actors and producers. This column will serve as a Movie Jail trial. We will put one defendant on trial; lay out arguments for the Prosecution and Defense. And we leave it up to YOU, the reader, to decide whether the defendant is guilty of his or her crime. What crime? The crime of consistently being a stinking shithouse.

The Defendant

Santa Claus

NOTE: We here at the Movie Jail facility and JoBlo.com support the term "Happy Holidays", because we want to include all of our friends from all across the world that celebrate different traditions this time of year. But when's the last time you saw a great Kwanzaa movie? Or a Hannukah flick that didn't start with "Eight Crazy" and end with "Nights"? Through circumstance and marketability, there have been a ton of Christmas movies over the years with various Santa Clauseseses, who's the representative for said holiday.

WHAT THE COURT WANTS FROM YOU: We're presenting a few different interpretations of the jolly old, bearded cookie hoarder. You won't see Billy Bob Thorton or Goldberg in this because we all love them. So pick the Santa that YOU think belongs in Movie Jail. Let's get started!

A Christmas Story Santa

The Prosecution: What a cock this Santa is. You're supposed to listen patiently to the little rugrats and their wishes and what does this guy do? Has his elf put Ralphie and Randy on the slide to nowheresville. When Ralphie crawls up the slide in an effort to show how passionate he is about wanting an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, Santa simply says "you'll shoot your eye out" and boots him in the face. Asshole.

The Defense: What's Santa supposed to do? For one thing, spoiler alert, Ralphie winds up injuring himself with the BB gun (not shooting his eye out mind you), so Santa and everyone else is vindicated here. Secondly, Santa is seeing approximated 4,340 kids on that day alone, he doesn't have time for stupid Ralphie to be trepidatious about telling Santa what he wants for Christmas. Thirdly, who didn't wanna see Ralphie get a size 10 Santa boot in his face?

Trading Places Santa

The Prosecution: He's a filthy Wall Street style scumbag, born of privilege and wealth. When he's down on his luck, he dresses up as Santa and steals a f*cking ham. Then eats it on a bus like a savage. Oh, showing how easily social stature can flip flop? My ass. He didn't even hand out one piece of candy. That's no excuse. He even witnessed Jaime Lee Curtis' glorious rack and did nothing about it. What an ass.

The Defense: This man has been through a lot. Lived the life of luxury, prospered like a gentleman, then had the rug pulled out from under him. How is this not a sympathetic character? Not to mention, those "men wanted to have sex" with him. And that's a lot to deal with.

That Santa guy from Home Alone

The Prosecution: This f*cking guy. He could be the worst Santa in recent years. When Kevin McCallister shows up to his workshop, the tart elf could really give a shit about anyting but chewing her gum, and Santa is peeling off a ticket on his old hatchback. Seriously yo, get your shit together. Dude doesn't even have his beard on when Kevin rolls up. And when the young lad explains his situation, Santa's all like, "have some Tic Tacs". How about you just spit on him and kick him in the nuts?

The Defense: The defense blames Hollywood for the glitz and glamour image of Santa Claus. What's Santa supposed to do at the end of the night? You think it's all gingerbread cookies and nailing Mrs. Claus but Santa's a blue collar worker just trying to grant the wishes of EVERY GODDAMN CHILD IN THE WORLD. I mean Jesus Christ, at the end of the day he listened to Kevin (who by the way was previously referred to as a "little jerk" BY HIS OWN FAMILY) and offered what he could, Tic Tacs. This isn't 4D, maybe Kevin's breath was kickin?

Jingle All the Way Santa

The Prosecution: Jim Belushi.

The Defense: I don't know, he's the brother of John Belushi?


It is the jury's decision that after reviewing last week's evidence, the court finds Halle Berry GUILTY of all charges. In summation, the jury passionately voted "ENOUGH ALREADY" for Ms. Berry and has sentenced her to five years or three films in Movie Jail. While some members thought she possessed the talent to keep her out of Movie Jail, it just wasn't enough to sway the majority, no matter how many times they sent links of her topless in Swordfish.

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