Neil Blomkamp will reteam with Sharlto Copely for his next feature Elysium

We’ve all been keeping a close eye on Neil Blomkamp to see how he would follow up his smashing debut, DISTRICT 9. With that movie so obviously set up for a sequel, would we see DISTRICT 10 in the future?

Well not right now, as according to Deadline, Blomkamp is reuniting with D9 star Sharlto Copely for a different venture, ELYSIUM.

I’ve heard of him circling this film before, but I can’t seem to find that we’ve ever reported on it as of yet. Or maybe I’m just thinking of the spaceship from PANDORUM.

Yes, this is sci-fi yet again, and it takes place in the distant future on an equally distant planet, and is said to be yet again full of socio-political commentary the way DISTRICT 9 was. Hopefully it will be a little more in-depth this time than ALIEN APARTHEID IS LIKE BLACK PEOPLE APARTHEID. Kidding, kidding, I love D9, but I just thought the allegory aspect was a bit heavy-handed.

You excited for this, or would you rather see D10?

Extra Tidbit: I'd say about four of the top ten coolest sci-fi weapons ever were in D9.
Source: Deadline



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