Neill Blomkamp doesn't feel he's the right guy to direct Star Wars

Even though JJ Abrams has locked down the directing job for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII there will be other episodes up for grabs. One name that keeps getting thrown out is Neill Blomkamp. There's good reason too. The director is currently one of the best in sci-fi and handles action like a pro. So why not get him on board for a galaxy far far away?

Probably because he doesn't really want the job. During an interview with IGN for ELYSIUM, when Blomkamp was asked about the subject this is what he had to say:

I love 'Star Wars.' I really, really love 'Star Wars.' But I’m not the right guy. And also, just taking ideas that already exist in Hollywood is just not for me.

Fair enough.

Now that ELYSIUM is ready to roll out in theaters, Blomkamp will move on to another original, sci-fi comedy CHAPPIE. Maybe one day he'll get to that DISTRICT 9 sequel. I love that movie and don't feel that there needs to be a follow-up, but apparently it's still keeping people up at night.

Source: IGN



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