Neill Blomkamp in talks with Fox to write & direct sci-fi pic The Gone World

The Gone World Neill Blomkamp Banner

Last month Neill Blomkamp's ALIEN movie was put into hypersleep for the time being, leaving him free to work on other projects, and one of them might be THE GONE WORLD, a film version of the upcoming sci-fi novel of the same name from Tomorrow and Tomorrow author Thomas Sweterlitsch. Deadline is reporting that Fox has picked up the rights to the book, and is in talks with Blomkamp to write and direct the adaptation.

Not much is known about the plot of Sweterlitsch's new novel, since it hasn't been published yet, however Deadline describes it as a "sci-fi time travel procedural."

While I highly enjoyed both DISTRICT 9 and ELYSIUM, I didn't care for CHAPPIE, however that was mostly due to Die Antwoord's Ninja and Yolandi Visser, whose appearances really took me out of the film. But since his ALIEN flick has been put on hold for now, I'm very curious as to what Blomkamp's next movie will be, and I certainly don't think he's a one-trick pony as some have suggested. With Fox just now acquiring the movie rights to The Gone World, obviously the studio is only in early negotiations with Blomkamp to pen and helm the adaptation, so we'll have to wait and see if it will be his next directorial effort.

Source: Deadline



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