New 007 short film featuring Daniel Craig to premiere at the 2012 Summer Olympics

Looks like we are actually getting two Bond movies this year.

Aside from SKYFALL, Daniel Craig will be donning the tuxedo to appear in a short film designed as an opening for the 2012 Summer Olympics which take place in London. The Queen herself invited Craig to Buckingham Palace where he agreed to film the introduction. No confirmation was given as to whether the Queen will appear in the movie.

The plot is described as this: Bond is informed of his mission at Buckingham Palace and then flown via helicopter to Olympic stadium in Stratford, east London, where he parachutes into the arena.

Danny Boyle, once rumored to be directing this installment of the Bond franchise, will be helming the short film.

More of Craig as Bond is okay in my book, but I hope they don't play the introduction for laughs. Being the Olympics, which often feature dramatic opening ceremonies, we may be in store for a nice action sequence.

What do you think about Bond appearing at the Olympic games?

Extra Tidbit: Whenever I think of Bond in London, I always picture Pierce Brosnan racing the tank-boat down the Thames.



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