New Daredevil featurette explores Kingpin's quest for revenge

Netflix knows damn well how many fans of Vincent D'Onofrio’s Kingpin are out there, and the streaming giant is putting the big bad front and center alongside the title hero in promotion for DAREDEVIL season three. A new featurette focuses entirely on the villain in the white suit, as star Charlie Cox (Daredevil/Matt Murdock), showrunner/executive producer Erik Oleson and D'Onofrio talk about what's making Wilson Fisk tick (and kick and punch) this time around. You could say he has a few bones to pick with Daredevil, but in this case, it’s probably a few bones to break.

Oleson says this season will see the rise of Kingpin, and to do that he has to take down The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen once and for all. As we saw in the last, full trailer that means framing him as a villain in the eyes of the public, which may force the citizens to turn to Kingpin as a sort of savior. Another DD villain, Bullseye, has a role to play as well, and together they may be too much for the red-clad vigilante to overcome.

Our own Alex Maidy praised the new season in a glowing review, saying, this story is the closest any MCU property has come to capturing the essence of an iconic comic book storyline while still making significant changes.” He also praised Kingpin and Bullseye as two of the best villains Marvel has depicted on screen, which is saying something given how many we’ve seen. We have a few more days before we can check this bad boy out for ourselves, but the early reception is it's a true return to form for the run of Netflix/Marvel outings. 

DAREDEVIL hits Netflix October 19.

Source: Netflix



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