New DC animated superhero film Teen Titans The Judas Contract on its way

DC animation has generally been more successful at translating the look and feel of the comics than most live-action attempts have (which is a trend that started way back with BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES and MASK OF THE PHANTASM). Part of that is the fact that animation is just inherently closer to the art of comic-books than live-action is, but it's also the willingness to be more fun and silly (even TAS had guys like Clayface and an episode where kids beat the Penguin).

This is all to say that while TEEN TITANS were never my favorite superhero team, I have to admit that the trailer for TEEN TITANS: THE JUDAS CONTRACT looks pretty cool. It's just nice to see colorful superheroes do awesome, goofy shit like Raven letting loose or Beast Boy turning into a green gorilla and wrecking everything. Anyway, see for yourself:

So what do you Schmoes think, yay or nay? And who is your favorite Teen Titan? I will always rep for my girl Raven, personally.

While no firm release date is confirmed, we will be seeing the Titans in action on Blu-Ray/DVD later this year.

Extra Tidbit: Apparently Kevin Smith is credited on imdb doing the voice of himself. That's worth the price of admission alone for me.
Source: IGN



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