New Hangover 2 shots show the gang in dire straights

One of our readers just sent in these two new official-looking shots from THE HANGOVER, PART II which I don't believe I've seen elsewhere on the internet so far, so I thought I'd throw them up for you're viewing pleasure.

Recently, we've seen the gang be fascinated by a monkey wearing a Rolling Stones jacket, but he's nowhere to be found in these two new shots.

One of them is an official version of a paparazzi photo we saw previously of the boys walking through the airport, but the other shows the trio in a more desperate situation, after Alan shaves his head and Stu gets his Tyson tattoo.

What are they doing? I'm not sure, but it looks like they're desperately trying to get into an ice machine in presumably some Thai hotel. Check it out for yourself below:


Extra Tidbit: Maybe the whole Galifianakis controversy was a hoax, and Mel Gibson will be in the film after all and surprise everyone.
Source: JoBlo.com



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