New images of Wonder Woman make their way online before Comic-Con

Ah, nothing feels better than a bunch of new high-res images from an upcoming movie, especially one so hotly anticipated as WONDER WOMAN. It’s like getting a new car, but before they let you take it off the lot the dealer makes you wait a year, only letting you smell the inside of the car for a minute every few months. It seems cruel to parcel it out bit by bit, but you cherish those bits like a newborn baby.

This most recent bevy of goodness involves a series of WONDER WOMAN images set to come out along with the Comic-Con issue of Entertainment Weekly. These photos are huge, and give us the most detailed, up-close images of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman in this movie yet. The best part is the costume in the second image. The costume brims with classic Wonder Woman red and blue, not to mention the head of original TV Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, as if she's giving a nod of approval. Take a gander below!

My only hope is that the World War I era setting will give the movie enough of an unique playground to make the movie more fun than BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN. Director Patty Jenkins seems passionate enough to make this movie great. If these images convey anything, it's that this movie has a real shot of being just that.

WONDER WOMAN starring Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and Robin Wright on June 2, 2017

Source: EW



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