New map shows which series on Netflix are most popular in every state

We all have our own Netflix habits, whether it’s binging concluded comedies like THE OFFICE and PARKS AND RECREATIONS or taking in every new season of every new show like GLOW or STRANGER THINGS. Netflix doesn’t release viewer info in the ways cable networks do, so it’s hard to tell what exactly people are flocking to and what they aren’t, but now a new analysis has at least figured out which show people have spent the most comfortable, couch-soaking hours with in each state.

According to a new study from the folks over at HighSpeedInternet.com. – who took over 40 Netflix titles and then used Google Trends to rank which was the most-searched show across all the states over the course of 2018 – we now know which states are watching certain shows on the streaming service. A comprehensive map below shows which series are most popular in certain states, like Alaska and Hawaii loving themselves some IRON FIST, and with New York and Florida rocking DAREDEVIL on the reg.

With all the data compiled, it turns out the two most popular shows of the year were 13 REASONS WHY and THE END OF THE F***KING WORLD, along with ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, DAREDEVIL and STRANGER THINGS.

Here’s the map:

As you can see not every one of the most popular shows was a Netflix original, with shows like RIVERDALE (CW), BREAKING BAD and BETTER CALL SAUL (both AMC) being the most popular in certain states. 

Oh, you want some more fun facts? For one, only four states kept their favorite show from 2017 – Louisiana (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK), Missouri (OZARK), Utah (STRANGER THINGS) and West Virginia (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK). On top of that, Washington D.C. has WAY too many shows they like, with about 16 shows that are watched/searched in near equal amounts, including BLACK MIRROR, THE CROWN, MANIAC, ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT and more.

What about you all? Do these rankings seem to match with your own tastes? Did it seem like people in your state were talking about these certain shows at obnoxious levels?



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