New Rogue One trailer set to debut during ABC special

STAR WARS isn't really a brand that needs to advertise itself. Years of being in the public eye and having loads of crazy fans have basically granted it free advertising - sort of like Donald Trump. But that isn’t stopping Disney from pulling out all the stops to make sure you know how awesome their newest entry into the STAR WARS saga, ROGUE ONE, will be. In fact, they’re ready to stuff people's faces with potential news next week.

According to Making Star Wars, ABC will air a special titled SECRETS OF THE FORCE AWAKENS next Friday at 8pm EST, and the big news is that a new three-minute trailer for ONE will air along with it. There's no word yet if it will just have a few extra tidbits added from the teaser released a few months ago (view a special version below!) or an enitrely new beast.

Congruently, a panel during Star Wars Celebration in London will also be going down, Gizmodo reports. Again, no news on if the cast or other top-shelf production members will take part of that panel. Hell, it may just be kittens dressed as STAR WARS characters answering question in the form of purring. But still, something is bound to drop out of the festivities, maybe some extra details or maybe even a new poster. Those kittens have their work cut out for them.

At the very least if the trailer is shown at the panel then that means we will get it here before the special airs because of, you know, how time works. Regardless of whether it’s just the trailer that drops or if we get a load of new goodies, all movie-loving eyes will be fixed on ABC next Friday to see just what secrets lie within THE FORCE AWAKENS, and people in London will be having a merry ol’ time celebrating STAR WARS. It’s a great time to be a fan—especially if you’re a cat person, too.



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