New Sacha Baron Cohen project may be a series in the style of Da Ali G Show

Yesterday we did a story about Sacha Baron Cohen tweeting out a cryptic video that teased a new project that could take aim at President Donald Trump. There were no details revealed beyond that, leaving many to wonder what shocking, controversial project the actor has in store. Now a new report from Variety indicates the project is indeed a new late-night show in the style of Cohen's famous DA ALI G SHOW.

 Variety cites sources saying Cohen has been in talks with Showtime to distribute the new show, and that at least one or two episodes have been “produced or roughly assembled.” The show will apparently be similar to Cohen’s ALI G show, which ran on Channel 4 and HBO for three seasons and spawned a movie. Neither Cohen or Showtime have commented on the news.

Here is the original Cohen tweet from July 4th, which shows footage of Donald Trump insulting Cohen, calling him not funny and using his usual Trumpisms, only for Cohen's face to come up saying this will be the actor as we've never seen him before.

Though nothing has been confirmed by Showtime or Cohen, the network has just released two short teasers for a mystery project, teasing “the most controversial show on television,” with an outrageous star that is set to premiere on July 15. Either these are for the Cohen show or Showtime is promoting a new season of HOMELAND in a very odd way. 

Given that everyone is being pretty mum on the details means we will have to do what the teasers say and wait until July 15 to see what's going on. That means until then we should take everything with a grain of salt, but we can assume what whatever Cohen has in store will be aimed at Trump, and it will likely by hilarious and unforgiving.

Source: VarietyShowtime



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