New Star Wars Land pics will transport you to a world beyond

Being transported to a wide array of new planets and landscapes is one of the many reasons fans have been coming back to the Star Wars universe for decades – aside from cool characters, lightsabers, force powers and sick robes. Fans will finally get the opportunity to go to these wondrous lands when Disney opens Star Wars Land in 2019, and in prep for some new goodies being shown off at D23 we have new pics to show you from the upcoming attraction.

This particular location will take park goers to a whole new, never-before-seen location, and though the name has yet to be reviled it’s being described as “a remote trading port and one of the last stops before Wild Space.” The below images are of models for the park, and will probably be our best look at the place until the park fully opens…in two years:

This location, in particular, will offer two attractions for people to check out, including a customized Millennium Falcon experience and an adventure that pits attendees against the First Order. We reported on this some months ago with some accompanying concept art, but this is the first look at the park's actual details. The architecture looks similar to something you’d see on Tatooine, but the forest landscape makes it look far more picturesque and not so...sandy.

Star Wars Land is going to be a must see for fans when it opens, much like Harry Potter World was for wizarding fans. For decades fans have wanted to walk the streets of some of their favorite locations from the WARS movies, and this will finally grant them that wish The pictures are getting me all jittery for the day when I can at last buy a ticket, and they’ll most likely have to get security to drag me back out. How can I go back to the real world after being in the Millennium Falcon?

Be sure to catch STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI on December 15.

Source: Disney Parks



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