New Thor: Ragnarok image hints at a particularly strange cameo

**Potential spoilers ahead regarding THOR: RAGNAROK**

As the Marvel Cinematic Universe grows larger and stranger, it will become nigh impossible for characters to avoid mingling with other big name heroes during their own solo adventures. This is something Marvel mostly avoided during Phase Two, with heroes like Iron Man and Thor having to rely on their own devices to save the day. But now that we are in Phase Three, that isn’t exactly the case anymore.

Need proof? See the details around THOR: RAGNAROK, which will have not only the God of Thunder, but also the not-so-Jolly Green Giant, The Hulk. But if you thought that’s where the character mixing ended, then you are a silly person who deserves a flick on the ear. If this new set photo means anything, it’s that there’s yet another, rather strange hero who could appear.

The picture below shows Thor in normal people clothing holding up a card with an address on it. The address is small, but appears to show the address 177A Bleecker St which, for those familiar with the comics, is the residence of a one Doctor Strange.

Take a look below. You may need a magnifying glass.

If the picture means anything, it's not only that Thor is capable of rocking a sick ponytail, but that he may end up visiting the good doctor at some point. Whether this is during the course of the movie or during an end-credits scene, I have no clue, but there’s no reason why Thor would be hunting for that address if not to seek out the Sorcerer Supreme.

It would make sense for Mr. Thor to go and pay the doc a visit, seeing as how the two of them dabble in other realms and worlds. Maybe Strange will help unlock a new realm that Thor needs to...do whatever it is that he needs doing. Hell, he could even just be visiting for a nice cup of tea and a chat. I have no clue. But it’s nice to see Strange is doing well for himself. That business card would make Patrick Bateman lose his shit.

The God of Thunder will return in THOR: RAGNAROK on November 3, 2017 starring Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum, Karl Urban and Jaimie Alexander and directed by Taika Waititi

Extra Tidbit: What do you think Doctor Strange could be doing in Thor: Ragnarok?
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