NFL makes movie?

You don't need to be a huge fan of football and the NFL to know who Vince Lombardi is. Heck they named the Super Bowl trophy after the guy. Now the NFL is betting you'd want to check out a biopic on one of the most influential coaches in history. While the NFL has participated in Hollywood productions before (see JERRY MAGUIRE), the planned Lombardi biopic would be the League's first full-fledged production. The film is based on a script by David Murray and takes place the week before the fabled Ice Bowl played in sub-zero temperatures at the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field. Lombardi retired after that season and died three years later. It's unclear whether the NFL will actually finance a significant part of the film but they are certainly going to allow the film to have all the resources of the league, including filming at the stadium in Green Bay and historical footage. The NFL is very protective about which films to participate with and recently denied Disney any NFL rights for The Rock's film THE GAME PLAN (he was originally to be a QB for the Patriots). The film is scheduled to begin filming this winter to take advantage of the chilly climate.

Extra Tidbit: Not coincidentally, Lombardi died after coaching one year with the Redskins. Yup, that'll do it.
Source: Variety



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