Nicolas Winding Refn In Talks To Direct Haunted Hotel Movie The Bringing

It wouldn't be a stretch for director Nicolas Winding Refn to tackle the horror genre based on his already twisted filmography; and that’s exactly what he’s going to do. He is in early talks to helm THE BRINGING, a haunted hotel movie that was inspired by the strange death of a woman at the Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles who was found in the water tanks. This one pretty much writes itself don't you think?

The video of the women that later surfaced online shows her acting erratically in the hotel elevator. Apparently the Cecil has been home to a number of suicides and notable killer Richard Ramirez; something you won’t see mentioned on the in-room welcome video I'm sure. The script will actually have nothing to do with that tragedy (too bad?) but rather focus on a man investigating a death at the hotel, and the nightmare he stumbles into.

Before you go to bed though, watch the video that has over 6 million views.

I would be more than happy to see one of my favourite directors tackle a horror story; I've been along for the Refn ride since BLEEDER and don’t see any signs of inferior work to this day. BRONSON, DRIVE and even the arguably great ONLY GOD FORGIVES have built a resume that brings projects to him. Although it should be noted, the report says he actively sought this one out, so that has to be a good sign.

Extra Tidbit: Despite directing Drive, he doesn't have a drivers license. He failed his driving test 8 times.
Source: Deadline



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