Of course Roland Emmerich has been offered Asteroids

In case you forgot, one of the most ridiculous ideas floating around Hollywood today is a big budget adaptation of the Atari game ASTEROIDS. The game and the movie will likely share nothing more than the destruction of asteroids, as that's really all it CAN share as there isn't actually anything more to the game.

So who could possible direct such an opus of constant chaos and destruction? Why Roland Emmerich of course, which is why it's no surprise that Vulture is reporting that Universal has offered him the job. The man has destroyed the earth with aliens, weather, monsters and whatever the hell happened in 2012, so it's no stretch to think he could do the same here.

ASTEROIDS is currently one of my best examples of what's wrong with Hollywood today. There was actually a BIDDING WAR over who would get the rights to Asteroids. Seriously, you can't just make a movie about dangerous asteroids? You really needed to base it off the substance-less Atari game? I would have given Universal a lot more credit if they just wrote a script for a new sci-fi film and called it an original production, which this actually will have to be because THE GAME DOESN'T HAVE A DAMN PLOT.

Anyway, if Emmerich takes the job, I'm sure he'll figure out some way to ensure the earth is destroyed by the end of the film, and I can re-shift my focus to ripping on BATTLESHIP instead.

Extra Tidbit: What about the rumored ID4 sequel?
Source: Vulture



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