Updated: Online fan event for Man of Steel hosted by Kevin Smith will discuss "what the future holds" for Superman

UPDATE: The folks at Comingsoon found a quote from Kevin Smith during his latest podcast of Hollywood Babble-On about this event that does reveal that there may well be some BATMAN VS SUPERMAN reveals after all:

"They're doing a special on Yahoo that I'm hosting, Zack Snyder is the featured guest, but it's all about Man of Steel. So it's me, Zack Snyder, Amy Adams, Henry Cavill is on video from London or he may even be on set with us, and then there's some Michael Shannon stuff. So it's an hour long, it's free, it's on the internet, but it's just kind of to be like 'Hey, Man of Steel is coming out!' But there's two things, there might be announcements during this show and the one thing I do know is there's artwork going to be on this show that may or may not have something to do with a movie that's coming up."

This Saturday, November 9th, Warner Bros. will be putting on an "Online Fan Event" with the cast and director of MAN OF STEEL, including Zack Snyder, Henry Cavill, and Amy Adams, which will be hosted by Kevin Smith. During the event, they will talk "all things MAN OF STEEL" and, more importantly, "what the future holds for the Last Son of Krypton," as well as answer live fan questions, none of which will be about MAN OF STEEL, but about the sequel, BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. Not to be left out, the event will also have a featurette sit-down discussion between Zack Snyder and Michael Shannon about the making of MAN OF STEEL.

The significance of this event is purely for the chance that there will be some significant reveal of some sort for BATMAN VS SUPERMAN. A potential villain, new character introduction, casting, whatever. With all the rumors floating around out there it would be nice to feed the fans with something legit, especially in anticipation of moving some MAN OF STEEL blu rays. I think it's a foregone conclusion that those will sell like hotcakes, but juicing folks up with some genuine sequel news would definitely work wonders in that arena. Don't let us down, WB!

I'm always a little leery of events like this, but like most fans, I'd like to hear some news that's "from the source" on the upcoming sequel and this is a PRIME opportunity for the filmmakers to share it. We'll see.

Here's the lowdown on the event:

November 9th at 9:00AM PST/Noon EST for an exclusive fan event on Yahoo! Movies.

Fans can send their questions to @ManofSteelMovie using #AskManofSteel or submit video questions at http://bit.ly/AskManofSteel for a chance to have them answered during the live event.

Man of Steel hits Blu-ray 3D™ Combo Pack, Blu-ray™ Combo Pack, DVD 2-disc Special Edition, 3D Limited Collector’s Edition and Digital Download on November 12, 2013.

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Source: Warner Bros.



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