Oscar winner Steve Zaillian tackles time-jumping bandage-man for Dreamworks' remake of Timecrimes

Nacho Vigalondo's Spanish-language thriller TIMECRIMES is a fascinating little time-twister about an average guy trying to unravel a mystery involving a beautiful naked woman and a pink-bandaged stranger.

It's a reasonably small-scale sci-fi film, but the American remake will probably crank up the scope, considering who's involved. The new version is now at Dreamworks, and award-winning screenwriter Steve Zaillian (SCHINDLER'S LIST, AMERICAN GANGSTER) is handling the script.

Zaillian was also working with Vigalondo developing GANGLAND, about a group of game developers whose research on a hardcore crime game leads them into the real-life criminal underworld. Vigalondo himself has been working on an alien invasion project called EXTRATERRESTRIAL.

Zaillian has been busy lately, adapting the hugely popular Stieg Larsson book THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO for David Fincher, and working with Ridley Scott on condensing the Brit miniseries THE RED RIDING TRILOGY (the first of which featured new Spidey Andrew Garfield) for an Americanized remake.

Extra Tidbit: David Cronenberg was previously rumored for the TIMECRIMES remake.
Source: Deadline



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