Pacific Rim producer says there are "no plans" to merge with Godzilla & Kong

Studios are always looking to launch their own cinematic universes nowadays, and this includes anything from superheroes to monster flicks (Universal’s Dark Universe). The latest news surrounding a potential universe came in the form of a possible creature universe including Godzilla, King Kong and the PACIFIC RIM movies (all owned by Legendary Pictures). However, Legendary producer Cale Boyter recently revealed that the studio actually has something cooler up their sleeve. Do robots have sleeves?

While speaking with CinemaBlend, the producer of the upcoming PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING said that, despite much fan buzz over a massive cross-over, there are no plans to have robotic Jaegers fighting Godzilla. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t have something cooking in way of a franchise:

There's no plans to merge. Understandably that might be cool, but I might have something up my sleeve that will surprise you - that I think you guys will love, that I think is better than the obvious approach.

They may not have plans to throw PACIFIC RIM into the same lot of the more iconic beasties, but the studio does have GODZILLA VS. KING KONG on the docket from Adam Wingard, which is set to follow GODZILLA: KING OF THE MONSTERS (2019) from Michael Dougherty.

The idea of throwing robots against classic movie monsters sounds awesome, after a while, but the idea began to seem very farfetched and a bit reaching. Godzilla vs. Kong makes sense because it’s already happened in the past (in the 1962 film KING KONG VS. GODZILLA). Plus, there’s something simple about those two going at it, and robots complicate the fight. There’s no way the city they’re all fighting in will still be standing when that rumble goes down.

PACIFIC RIM: UPRISING hits theaters March 23, 2018.

Source: CinemaBlend



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