Paranormal trailer

It's being said that PARANORMAL ACTIVITY is one of the scariest movies to come out in awhile.

It even seems to share the same feel as THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, so those of you longing for the same experience may be all over this film. The plot is fairly simple, a couple moves into a new home when they suspect that it's haunted. They set up cameras all around the house to catch the activity and that's when the terror unfolds. This is director Oren Peli's debut, as well as it being set in his own home. The movie has been hanging around since 2007 but for those who have seen it say it scared the shit out of them regardless of whether the story was true or not.

I'm a sucker for these types of films. When I first went to see BLAIR WITCH I was really into it. When I found out it wasn't real I was a little disappointed but that movie was all the rage in 1999. With that said, I want to see this. The trailer doesn't give you too much, but it's better that way.

Extra Tidbit: Was it a mistake for those involved in BLAIR WITCH to reveal the movie was based on fiction? Some people actually got really pissed about this.
Source: Paramount



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