Paranorman spooks up six special posters for a nationwide viral campaign

Paranorman 656 header

PARANORMAN is a special something I'm eagerly looking forward to after the glut of awesomeness we'll have witnessed over the first half of 2012, as I view stop-motion to be the cinematic equivalent of a fine wine (or some other such complexly rewarding equivalent you might have after a meal that also just tastes absurdly awesome in and of itself).

Now PARANORMAN releases in just a little over a month, and so the folks behind the film have concocted a way to communicate this fact whilst still celebrating the strangeness of Norman and the town in which he lives.  Like many other movies these days PARANORMAN has a viral campaign, but in this particular case the viral campaign wants to actively involve you as opposed to just sending periodic pictures or news articles or what have you related to the film.

"For the release of ParaNorman on August 17, 2012, Mondo and some of their most amazing artists have created a set of limited edition posters. The posters are up on walls all across the US, and they’re waiting for you to find them. If you do spot one in the wild, take a picture of it and tag it #WEIRDWINS."

Paranorman WW 1 small

Paranorman WW 2 small

Paranorman WW 3 small

Paranorman WW 4 small

Paranorman WW 5 small

So there you have it.  The posters are gorgeous one and all, and they're lurking out there in the United States somewhere.  If you see one, make sure to tag it and then send a picture along to us as well!

And while we're on the subject of something as creepy and cool as PARANORMAN, make sure to stay tuned for more details from our crew at the Con on this site!

Extra Tidbit: No matter the quality of the film, I shall be forever grateful to PARANORMAN for introducing me to Donovan's song "Season of the Witch" via that great first trailer.
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