Patrick Dempsey and Jamie Kennedy up for roles in Transformers 3?

These are some weird TRANSFORMERS 3 casting rumors.

According to a Google translation of a recent interview Patrick Dempsey conducted for Brazilian website BOL Noticias, the "Grey's Anatomy" actor says he has a roll in the upcoming third installment of Michael Bay's alien robot opus.

In talking about the differences between working in television versus working on a film, Dempsey is asked what movie work he's got on his plate. Dempsey answers, "'Flypaper,' I start filming later this month, and 'Transformers 3', which play a character that is far more 'dark' than others."

Looking past the improper syntax of the Google translation, there you go. "A character that is far more dark than others"? What's explodinator Michael Bay got up his sleeve?

And then there's Jamie Kennedy ("Ghost Whisperer", EXTREME MOVIE). According to TRANSFORMERS fansite TFW2005, the comic actor in an interview with radio station 98KUPD Arizona said, "I had an interesting interview with the people behind the new Transformers movie and I may have a role in the movie."

Off-the-cuff talk in interviews like this is scuttlebutt of the highest order, but it's interesting to get reader reaction nevertheless. How do you guys feel about either of these guys getting in on Bay's robo-shenanigans?
Extra Tidbit: Jamie Kennedy is so not funny.



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