Patrick Stewart confirms that Professor X will pop up in Wolverine 3

Earlier this year Patrick Stewart got the rumour mill working overtime by bringing up the possibility that he would be teaming up with Hugh Jackman in WOLVERINE 3. Jackman himself responded to the news by neither confirming nor denying that his final Wolverine film would include Professor Charles Xavier; so we were left to ponder the awesomeness of a Wolverine/Professor X team up.

Patrick Stewart sat down with Collider recently and was asked whether or not Professor X would be making an appearance in WOLVERINE 3:

I think what you say is true. There is a project in development. I understand that Professor Xavier will be making more than an appearance, however, and that intrigues me.

Patrick Stewart's choice of words seem to hint that he'll be turning up for more than just a simple cameo, which is more than fine by me. The plot of WOLVERINE 3 is said to draw from the Old Man Logan storyline and Patrick Stewart rather gleefully expressed his hope that the film will see Hugh Jackman don some old-age prosthetics as "he’ll make me look better if that’s the case.James Mangold, director of THE WOLVERINE, is returning to direct what will be Hugh Jackman's final Wolverine film for a March 3, 2017 release.

Patrick Stewart's next project, Blunt Talk, premieres on August 22, 2015 on Starz.

Source: Collider



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