Patty Jenkins committed to direct Wonder Woman 2, sequel details confirmed

I'm going to go ahead and say that congratulations are in order for director Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and everyone involved in the making of Warner Bros. and DC's WONDER WOMAN. The new, female-led super hero action and adventure film has only been out for one day and is already crushing it at the box office with a worldwide total of $42 million earned for its early Thursday screenings!

Fresh off of that wonderful earnings news, it's now been revealed that Patty Jenkins and Gal Gadot are both "contractually committed to a second film" and that she's potentially eyeing a more contemporary setting in which to continue the story of Diana Prince and her friends in arms. Not only is WONDER WOMAN on-track to becoming one of the best reviewed super hero films ever, the undeniable success of the movie is already signaling to other studios that audiences aren't afraid to embrace female-led comic book-related adventures on the big screen.

In talking about her plans for the sequel, Jenkins stated via an expose with The Hollywood Reporter that, “What I never want to do is start phoning it in and making things just to show that I can keep my foot in the door and do big movies. I don’t care about that at all. I just want to make great movies. And that could come from any direction. It might be a $10 million movie or it might be $200 million movie.”

When the movie will officially get underway is anyone's guess, though I'd bet my entire WONDER WOMAN comics collection that a sequel will be put on the fast-track, perhaps as one of DC's untitled mystery projects that's already been scheduled out. Nevertheless, Jenkins' expertise behind the camera and Gadot's indomitable spirit as the inspirational feminist warrior icon is something that fans and studios won't soon forget.

WONDER WOMAN is in theaters right now! Grab a group of your coolest friends and go see it tonight!

Extra Tidbit: In 1967, there was a failed Wonder Woman TV pilot entitled “Who’s Afraid of Diana Prince?”



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