Paul Feig and Amy Schumer teaming for mother-daughter action comedy

When the collaboration between Amy Schumer and Judd Apatow was announced, there were a lot of folks with negative reactions towards both performers. The trailer for TRAINWRECK ended up being pretty funny and looks to be a solid addition to Apatow's brand of comedy. Now, Schumer is teaming with another divisive director in Paul Feig. Feig has been the subject of a lot of fanboy angst related to his all-female GHOSTBUSTERS reboot. But, like Apatow, you cannot argue with Feig's box office numbers on movies like BRIDESMAIDS and THE HEAT.

The Hollywood Reporter says that Schumer and Feig will collaborate on a mother-daughter comedy. Schumer will write and star while Feig will produce and direct. The film is said to be an action-comedy along the lines of THE HEAT and will see the main characters trapped during some sort of vacation gone wrong.

I don't get the hate for Schumer who has proven herself to be pretty funny on her Comedy Central series and is capable of holding her own with male comics. TRAINWRECK will be her first true test as to whether she can handle a big screen leading role. Plus, seeing Feig work with someone other than Melissa McCarthy will be a nice change of pace. With that in mind, who would be a good actress to play Schumer's mother?

TRAINWRECK opens on July 17th.



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