Judd Apatow returns to the stage in trailer for Netflix special

Judd Apatow has spent the last decade or so becoming a god of comedy movies, directing hits like THE 40-YEAR-OLD VIRGIN and KNOCKED UP and producing countless films like SUPERBAD, BRIDESMAIDS and PINEAPPLE EXPRESS. Before that he worked in TV, creating UNDECLARED and FREAKS AND GEEKS, and before that worked on THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW with Garry Shandling. But before all the TV gigs he was trying to make it in the world of stand-up comedy and rubbed elbows with all the major players in the comedy scene. Now that he's conquered the film world he’s ready to get back on stage, and thanks to Netflix is putting out his first comedy special. Aptly titled THE RETURN, you can watch the trailer for the funnyman’s special above all before it hits Netflix on December 12. Someone should tell him the comedy business is really tough to break into. 

This could be a big year for Apatow. His special is coming to Netflix, which has surely been a labor of love, and he is a producer on the hit comedy THE BIG SICK, which made $55 million globally on a $5 million budget and is in serious talks for some Oscar nominations. If it gets a nom for best picture, the man will finally add Oscar-nominee to his title. As chronicled in his book "Sick in the Head," Apatow has been obsessed with stand-up since he was a kid, going out to interview big stars when he was only a teen. This special is a big deal for him and he has more than earned this time to shine. Just remember, Apatow, if you don't make it as a comedian, there's always medical school. 

JUDD APATOW: THE RETURN hits Netflix December 12.

Source: Netflix

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