Pixar announces two new films about dinosaurs and the human mind

More Pixar news today coming off of the recent D23 expo. We got a look at MONSTERS UNIVERSITY earlier, and now we are hearing whispers of what Pixar's next two projects will be past that and BRAVE.

The first is called THE UNTITLED PIXAR MOVIE ABOUT DINOSAURS, and it's exactly what it sounds like. It confirms what we saw years ago in the above shot from their studios, that they are making a dinosaur film. The central premise, which indicates why there's a little boy there, is what if that deadly meteor never struck earth, and Dinosaurs were still alive to this day? Expect the answer Holiday 2013.

The second is THE UNTITLE PIXAR MOVIE THAT LETS YOU SEE INSIDE THE HUMAN BRAIN, again a descriptive indicator of what to expect. The film is said to explore what the inside of the human mind might look like, which will probably less like OSMOSIS JONES which looked at biology (awesome movie thought) and moreso pure unadulterated creativity, which is what they're best at over at Pixar. This won't show up until Spring 2014.

As always, unusual concepts, but all sounds good to me. The dinosaur idea sounds a bit Dreamworks-ish, but I'm sure it will be fantastic. The human mind concept has even more potential, as it could literally be about anything at all. Will be definitely looking forward to the next few years of animation.

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