Game Grumps team up with Dan Harmon for eSports comedy series Good Game

I understand the reservations about the rising popularity of Let's Plays and Let's Players on the internet (I mean, there was even a whole SOUTH PARK episode dedicated to it). I mean, why would I want to watch somebody else play games? Well, as someone who isn't very good at games, but appreciates them as forms of art, it's nice to see them played so that I can appreciate what the developers intended rather than rage-quitting after dying at that SAME FUCKING SPOT, GODDAMMIT!!! I also like seeing straight up broken games for a laugh in the same way I enjoy bad movies and MST3k. So I'm definitely a fan of Let's Plays (well certain ones).

One of my favorites are a pair of Let's Players called Game Grumps (Arin Hanson and Dan Avidan), who are now starring in their own scripted web series called GAME ON. That's not usually note-worthy, but what makes this interesting is none other than Dan Harmon - of COMMUNITY and RICK AND MORTY fame - is executive producing this. Even if he's just giving money to the production, and not having much creative input, that's still a good sign regardless as he'd have to have some faith in it in that case.

Anyway, here's the trailer:

Seems a bit standard, but the production values are good, and both Dan and Arin acquit themselves well in the roles (I'm not usually a fan of their filmed segments). It's not blowing me away, but I got a few decent chuckles (the robot/Rocky stuff was fun). Here's hoping it's at least a fun diversion, and maybe even something more. And...wait, was that Terry Crews?!

Meanwhile GOOD GAME will hit YouTube Red August 30th.

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Source: YouTube



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