Prepare yourselves, people! Changes are coming to the JoBlo Movie Network!

Every few years, we try to update the site to make sure that we don't disappear off the face of the Internet planet that we landed on in March of 1998. Over the past few years, the competition on the Net has become extremely tight, especially with all of the corporations pouring millions upon millions of dollars into their portals and shit. Being as I'm still the sole proprietor of this website, it makes things pretty hard to compete at times. I'm grateful to all of the awesome boys and girls who write for our site, but if we want to continue to thrive (and survive) over the next few years, we have to make sure that the site is as up-to-date as possible, in order to increase our followers, traffic, revenues and communities in general. And with all the social media sites out there these days...it ain't easy, folks!

That said, we are thankful for the loyalty that many of our readers have displayed over the years and we hope that you continue to frequent and share our site's content with others for years and years to come.

In the coming weeks, you will start to see some changes on the JoBlo Movie Network, all of which we believe will only make the site stronger and better (but of course I'd say that!). Seriously though, we are updating our outdated front page to something that will display all of our headlines much better, while featuring all of our different sections' content more visually as well. We believe the navigation will also become a lot easier with the "new look" which you can sneak a peek at below. The page is actually quite long and will feature everything from our latest reviews and trailers, to this week's DVD releases, the latest interviews, hottest photo galleries, latest movie posters and a lot more....

The news sections will also be receiving facelifts to something a lot more palatable for this day and age. Currently, when you land on the JoBlo news page, you see one "featured article" of our choosing. Not sure why we have it that way, but that's how we always did things, so that's how it stayed. But we believe that this new "landing page" for each of the 3 top sections from the JoBlo Movie Network (JoBlo, Arrow in the Head and MovieHotties) will be a lot more user-friendly, and will allow you to see all of the latest headlines in a new "visual way", while also offering the most popular featured articles right at the top (i.e. you choose what you want to read next). Here is the Arrow in the Head example of that (templates not 100% finished).

And finally, the news articles themselves will feature much wider columns so that we can start posting larger images and videos into all of our pieces, which will surely come in handiest on MovieHotties, for example... :)

There are a few more changes that will be forthcoming as well, but those are the big ones. It's to note that we'll also be "collapsing" the Pimpin Poster Palace into the JoBlo section under MOVIE POSTERS, while the Digital Dorm will sadly close its doors, while transferring the DVD/BLU-RAY reviews and release dates sections...to JoBlo, once again.

We believe that this "new look" (our 11th new look since our inception in 1998 -- see all of the old "funny looks" below) will be 'easier on the eye' for everyone, tighten up the JoBlo Movie Network, allow for easier sharing (which is extremely important on the Net these days) and wider images and videos, which is also pretty awesome. This new infrastructure will also help us with JOBLO MOBILE, which has ballooned over the past 6 months, to the point that 25% of our traffic now comes directly from smart phones, etc..

We hope you all enjoy the new changes (although generally most people do NOT like change -- hence this pre-emptive notice) and continue to visit our site for all the opinionated fanboy love that we've been dishing out since 1998. And try not to be too hard on us, folks...unfortunately we simply didn't have much choice in many of these changes, as the times they are a-changing and if we don't keep up...we're gonzo before you know it.

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