Prisoners gets a break

There was some talk early in the year of a Christian Bale/Mark Wahlberg team up for the movie PRISONERS. Well, that's all it was really was talk. Both actors were in talks for the parts and Bryan Singer wanted to direct.

The script hung around for awhile, and the budget was freaking the film community out as it is set around $30-$40 million. Honestly, this sounds like chump change for some of these big wigs but finally someone decided to step up to the plate. Alcon Entertainment has decided to take the project on. Alcon is known for making a fair batch of goods and bads, for example, upcoming THE BOOK OF ELI, 16 BLOCKS, and the underrated INSOMNIA to name a few. I encourage you to check out their list of films.

The movie is set to release in 2010, but both Wahlberg and Bale have dropped out. Currently the pair are working on THE FIGHTER about Irish boxer Micky Ward and his brother who trained him before he got big in the 80's. The colorful David O' Russell is currently directing.

Prisoners seems like the perfect set up for Wahlberg. The story is about a small town vigilante whose daughter is kidnapped and then suspects a neighbor might be the one behind it.

I think a good director would be Tony Scott, but we will have to see. As for now, I'll be looking forward to THE FIGHTER in 2011.

Extra Tidbit: And for your viewing pleasure once more ladies and gentlemen, Mark Wahlberg talks to animals.



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