Producer Frank Marshall says what you suspected about the future of Bourne

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A warning for you lovers of the Bourne brand - this article contains a spoiler for who survives the movie.

Reckoning day for the BOURNE franchise is swiftly approaching, in terms of whether audiences will even care now that Damon is gone. I suspect that a fair number of folks will show on opening weekend, even if for no other reason than sheer curiosity.  I still think the flick looks damn good, and writer/director Tony Gilroy's MICHAEL CLAYTON was superb enough to have bought him several films-worth of good will from me.  DUPLICITY included, as much as I dislike Julia Roberts.

But on to what producer Frank Marshall said.  While what he shared last month seemed to imply he was interested in pursuing the avenue of cross-polinating (heh) the characters played by Jeremy Renner and Matt Damon, today's thoughts take a slightly different tone and allude to a different track.  Maybe talks broke down? Maybe it really was just wishful thinking and there were never going to be any talks? I don't know, but here's what Mr. Marshall is thinking these days should THE BOURNE LEGACY prove a success: "We're gonna follow Jeremy's character.  Everything else is wide open. That's the great thing about this now. The table is set to go any direction we want to. But we will, I'm sure, follow Jeremy and see what happens. Jeremy and Rachel [Weisz]."

To which Renner added: "as far as the future, I'm excited that the architects and the creators behind this whole thing have cleverly left it wide open for fans like myself to wonder what's going to go on next."

What do you think the chances are of someone being grumpy (and bored/crazy) enough to try and sue because they expected Damon and were instead denied the character of Bourne? Remember that situation with DRIVE? Yeah.  People like to do dumb shit because they can.  Let's hope it stays down this time and we can enjoy the all-too-soon August 10th release date without much negative hullabaloo.

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Extra Tidbit: They'd better keep this new trilogy alphabetical too or some bad shit's going to go down.
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