Production on Mission Impossible 5 shuts down to rewrite ending


Shooting on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 looked to be running smoothly, as Paramount moved the release date from Christmas to this summer. Unfortunately, it looks like things have hit a bit of a speed bump in regards to the ending. Production has shut down for the week so that writer/director Christopher McQuarrie, Tom Cruise and a third party may approve a new ending for the film. Given that things have only been stalled for a week and that Paramount felt good enough to move the release date up suggests that nothing major is going on with the ending, but still, delays never inspire confidence.

There's still a good 5 months between now and the release date, and films have been shot and chopped in less time, so I'm personally not too worried. My only concern is what kind of ending was originally in mind for MI5. As much as I enjoy the franchise, Tom Cruise certainly isn't getting any younger. Is it possible that they were looking into closing the story? Doubt it, but you never know. While the films are for the most part, standalone entries, I would like to see a story that stretches across multiple films for this franchise. Maybe they're taking a week off to come up with a subtitle for this one!

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 hits theaters on July 31, 2015.

Here's hoping we have some great new gadgets to look forward to!



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